Both the Rupert Square and Neptune Park have shelters available for event reservations.  Park forms can be filled out online and submitted to City Hall with payment prior to the event. 

Historic Rupert Square

The Rupert Square is the heart of Rupert! This park was the location of the first potable water well where settlers would come from miles around to get water in 1905. Business then grew up around this vital water source. Since that time, the Square has had many different looks but still represents the community's common goals and values. Each year the City and local organizations host a number of community events, including the famous 4th of July celebration. Surrounded by historic buildings and quaint restaurants and shops, the Square is the perfect places for a family outing, a night out on the town or the search for a perfect gift!


Neptune Park

Neptune Park offers 4 covered pavilions with picnic tables for reservation. Neptune Park includes a nine-hole disc golf course, tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, baseball field, horseshoe pits and a playground. Neptune park is situated right next to the Rupert Swimming Pool, which is available for reservation as well! 


Big Valley Ball Park

Big Valley Ball Park is a four-plex softball field with concessions, restrooms and batting cages. Ample parking provides a great park to hold any little league tournament. 



Lincoln Park 

Lincoln Park is a quiet park, near the center of town, with picnic tables and playground equipment. 


Park Rental Applications

Freemont Plaza Application

Neptune Park Application

Rupert Square Application

There are various other parks all around Rupert, perfect for taking a walk, having a picnic with your family or even some with bike paths!