East End Electric-East Side Barber Building


 In 1904, over 124,000 acres of land was opening up for homesteading in the surrounding area. Settlers were pouring in and businesses began sprouting up around the U.S. Reclamation Service well in the center of the square. The well was the only water source other than the river, four miles away. In a 1907 photograph, Thadeus M. Ferrin's Brunswick Billiard Hall was providing entertainment for the settlers. On August 31, 1907, title to the land was issued to Mr. Ferrin by a special act of Congress. A 1917 photograph shows a one-story, false-front store here and by 1921 the lot was vacant. In 1930, Artcraft Printing occupied another small, frame structure. It was replaced by brick in 1931, with the print shop remaining in the new building. Beginning in the 1950s, the north half of the building was occupied by several different cafes and lunch counters. The East End Mutual Electric Office, a rural co-operative, occupied the north half of the building by 1976. The south half of this building has been a barber shop for over half a century. Leonard Patterson and his partners barbered on the north side of the square until establishing the East Side Barber Shop here in 1956. Gaylin Patterson has continued the family barbering tradition. An excellent, in-shop collection of antique tools, equipment and barber chair are on display inside, creating an historic atmosphere, second to none. He welcomes sightseers while he barbers.