Boyd Hotel/Snyder Furniture Building


 The January 18, 1906 Rupert Pioneer-Record reports the opening of the Boyd Hotel, Rupert’s first hotel, a two-story frame building owned by Fred M. and Mattie I. Boyd. A year later, they sold it to Mary Q. Roberts. It became the Idaho Hotel as shown in a 1907 photograph. The hotel was destroyed by fire sometime after 1917. Sometime before 1930, this brick building was constructed and for a time it was partitioned for two businesses. The Rupert Electric Company was on the south side, an old-fashioned store from Rupert’s early years. It sold electrical supplies, small appliances and early vacuum-tube radios, which they repaired. The Rupert Seed and Milling Company was on the north, selling garden supplies, seeds and newly hatched chicks in season. A late 1930s photograph shows the Rupert Seed and Milling Company had relocated to the building to the north, and the Snyder Furniture Company occupying this building. A 1951 parade photograph shows Broadhead Furniture in this location. Later, this building and the building to the north were combined into the Country Squire Mall owned by the Catmull Brothers. It included Broadhead Furniture, Broadhead Electric, Fashion Follies and BG's Floral. This building and buildings to each side were remodeled and combined into one business prior to 1983, becoming The Showkase Place, a furniture and appliance store. The vintage tin ceiling inside is one of only two remaining in the Historic District and offers a nostalgic step back in time.