701 F Street
Rupert, Idaho


Fire Chief/Marshal
Roger Davis


Mission Statement

The members of the Rupert City Fire and Rescue department, dedicated to our efforts, will provide for the safety and welfare of the public through the preservation of life, property and the environment in a safe and timely manor. 


Established in 1916 by William E. Gelling, the Rupert City Fire Department has served the citizens of Rupert  and the surrounding area with pride and dedication for nearly a century. A list of firefighters is on display  at the station, showing every firefighter who has served on the department since its installation.  The department is rich in local history with registers and items from the earliest meetings and fires on display at the station as well. The firefighters have taken a great deal of pride in their training to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of the citizens and visitors to our area. This is demonstrated through the numerous hours of training as well as community education. The dedication from the firefighters and the commitment to the department is the cornerstone to our success. We challenge ourselves to be the best we can be and to find better and more effective ways to accomplish our goals. 

Fire Prevention Through Community Education 

At the Department, we provide community education for the kids at many different levels and locations. In October, we are very busy with fire prevention week at the schools and at the department with tours. We educate the kids in all age groups with the "firehouse safe house" trailer that we use at the different school locations. This trailer is a useful tool to teach the basic fire prevention tactics to the younger kids as well as the more advanced techniques for the older kids. The tours of the fire hall are given for all age groups, all throughout the year. We assist Boy Scouts with the education and experience they need for their accomplishments whenever they have an interest. We feel that offering this valuable information to he kids will help them make the right choices if they were to ever face a fire emergency. To schedule a tour of to reserve the Firehouse Safe house trailer for your event, contact the Fire Department at 208-436-9600. 


Firefighter Foundation

The Rupert Firefighter Foundation was created in April of 2011. It's purpose is to provide charity and good will giving to the community and organizations that surround southern Idaho. Events such as roadside litter pickup and Christmas light installations for the elderly are what inspired us to form a non-profit foundation that is a separate organization from the City of Rupert. It's members are local firefighters that give their time in a place of need to people in need. This is one more way for us to give back to that someone else started in our community.